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Purity rings (also known as abstinence rings or chastity rings) serve as a reminder of a commitment to sexual purity for Christians around the world. We carry a huge selection of over 350 purity rings specifically designed for guys and girls that have dedicated themselves to God. Custom purity ring engraving is available on most of our rings. Engraving a personal scripture, quote, or saying on the inside of your purity ring makes for a unique, one-of-a-kind expression of your beliefs.

Different Kinds of Purity Rings:

Purity Rings - Our most popular rings, "purity" is a simple reminder to stay pure in heart, mind, and action. These rings are popular for both guys and girls. Wearing a purity ring is also accompanied with making a pledge and signing a purity certificate.

True Love Waits Rings - True Love Waits rings, our second most popular style, indicate to the wearer and others, that a commitment to wait for their one true love before physical intimacy has been made. Total commitment to God, yourself, and your true love is well worth the wait.

Man / Woman of God Rings - These rings help remind the wearer of their true divinity. Derived from the scriptures 1 Timothy 6:11 and Proverbs 31, these rings help remind the wearer to act and live as a man or woman of God. These rings are also often used as a purity ring.

Cross Rings - These rings can serve as a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice made by the Savior. Many of our cross rings also contain a Bible verse related to purity or our relationship with God. These rings can be worn by Christian individuals not necessarily making a purity commitment.

Faith Hope Love Rings - Our Faith, Hope, Love rings can be very symbolic and meaningful. All three can be very powerful and lead to salvation, but in 1 Corinthians 13:13 love is the greatest of all. We must have faith in Jesus Christ, hope for a better tomorrow and a love for self and all mankind. Faith Hope Love has become a popular saying within every Christian home.

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Personalize Your Purity Ring!

We can personalize your purity ring with your favorite scripture, a name, date, quote... anything! Our computerized engraving machine makes engraving accurate and professional. The engraving will never wear off and will help your ring be unique and have special meaning. For more information and a video on how it's done, view our ring engraving page. To view all the rings that can be engraved, view our engravable rings.

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"Thank you guys so much. I bought a purity ring for my love, and she loves it so much. Keep it up with this great ministry. Thank you so much, and God bless you all!=)"
Jerry C. - Texas

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