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Here you can create one of a kind rings, with your choice of words and a symbol on them! You can add a special message, your purity pledge, your favorite scripture, song lyric, and much more to the outside or inside of these rings! These rings make for a beautiful and personal present for someone special who is celebrating a birthday, graduation, purity ceremony, or just because! From stainless steel to ceramic, our customizable rings are sure to match any style.

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Stainless Steel: Our most popular rings! Stainless steel's resistance to corrsion and staining, low maintenance, and high quality finish make it an ideal material for jewelry. Its strength makes for a durable ring. The engraving is done with a diamond tipped engraver which gives the letters a clear sharp finish. 

Sterling Silver: Popularly known as one of the brightes of all precious metals, sterling silver is an alloy that allows for beautiful yet durable silver jewelry. The perfect ring to customize for that special someone! These rings are engraved with our diamond tipped engraver. More styles coming soon!

Tungsten: These rings are quickly becoming a favorite thanks to its fame for being one of the strongest materials available! This dense material is known for its resistance to scratches and comparatively heavy weight. This material is much too hard for diamond tipped engraving, so it must be engraved with a high power laser. 

Ceramic: This deceptively light material is a great alternative to metal rings, and it comes in different colors! It is as strong and scratch resistant as Tungsten which means it will retain its color and shine for a very long time! Ceramic is an exelent option for those who may have allergies to metals or are unable to use metal jewelry because of work. Because of the hardness of this material, these rings must be engraved with a high power laser.

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"Thank you guys so much. I bought a purity ring for my love, and she loves it so much. Keep it up with this great ministry. Thank you so much, and God bless you all!=)"
Jerry C. - Texas

"Hey, just wanted to let you know that my 2 rings came today. Thank you once again!"
C. Krogstad - Minnesota
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